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Legacy Tree

Visitors to VNA Northwest are greeted by our Legacy Tree, a three dimensional sculpture that symbolizes the spirit of compassion and caring. Cast in steel, copper and bronze, this unique wall hanging illuminates the names and sentiments of those who make our mission possible.

A leaf or dove may be engraved with a personal inscription creating a permanent tribute to our donors, patients and friends. Your Legacy gift will leave a lasting impression on those who are honored as well as on the patients who will benefit from our care.

Gifts in honor or memory of an individual in the amount of $1,000 (combined total of 1,000 or 5,000 does not have to be a single donation) are eligible for a leaf and donations of $5,000 are eligible for a dove. For more information on this lasting gift, please call 860-567-6000.

Your investment in the Legacy Tree will help fund hospice and homecare services for patients and their families in the Northwest corner. The leaf or dove you purchase may be inscribed with your own name or your family name. Or you may choose to:

Commemorate the life of a friend, colleague or relative

Pay tribute to a special caregiver

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any significant milestone

The legacy tree is a great idea. It serves as a permanent reminder of my loved ones that have passed, and it’s great to know that the money raised in their honor is being used throughout the community to help others in need.

– Torrington