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Planned Giving

Your gift to VNA Northwest and its mission will take effect after your other obligations have ceased. You don’t have to be wealthy to make a gift to VNA Northwest. After providing for your loved ones, your gift of a donation will leave a legacy of caring to the residents of Litchfield County.

What are some of the ways you can make a lasting difference?

Bequests, annuities or a charitable remainder trust. Gifts can be made through your will or a trust for a dollar amount of a percentage of your estate. Bequests given through wills or living trusts provide future contributions to VNA Northwest while still preserving your assets during your lifetime.

What should I give?

Assets commonly given include:

Cash, life insurance, real estate, retirement plan assets, securities and stock

This bequest from my brother and his wife is given to enhance the work of those who depend on upon your organization. They planned a trust as a way in which their creative genius might live beyond their years”
– Sharon

In the fall of 2016 VNA Northwest was remembered through the charitable remainder trust set up by Val T. Imbleau. Growing up in a family with a father as a physician and a mother as a nurse, Val carried on the tradition by becoming a Registered Nurse . Val was known for her compassionate gestures made to others. Everything she did was done in a loving and graceful manner.

Vals personal commitment to making the world a better place and dedication to the well being of others was reflected in her extremely generous gift of $685,000. After providing for her sister until her death, she provided a contribution to VNA Northwest that will leave a legacy of caring to the residents of Litchfield County.