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The early years of the 21st century are times of great change, and no field is changing faster or more dramatically than health care.

VNA Northwest, Inc. continues to offer traditional care while using modern technology. Our home care providers may arrive by car rather than buggy, they may be carrying laptop (notebook) computers instead of the old “black bag” and they certainly are skilled in the most current medical methods, but they give the same caring attention to their patients as did their predecessors three-quarters of a century ago.

Sooner or later virtually everyone will need or know someone who will need home care services. It is important to know that should someone need care, they are able to choose who will give that care. It is a patient’s right to select their provider whether it be a doctor, hospital, skilled nursing facility or home health agency.

We hope that when you or a loved one needs care at home that you will ask for VNA Northwest by name.

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