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Home Care

Skilled Nursing

A team of highly educated registered nurses provide compassionate medical care. Many of our nurses are certified in specialty areas such as wound care and hospice.

Our nurses provide:

Comprehensive physical assessments

Medication teaching and education

Wound care (we work collaboratively with all area wound clinics)

Ostomy care and teaching

Pain management

Diagnosis education

Education on management of chronic conditions

Hear Nurse Deborah Welch


Occupational Therapy

Licensed occupational therapists provide treatment to patients who have suffered from a variety of illnesses or injury. They:

Provide individual treatment programs designed to help individuals in the activities of daily living

Assist with planning minor adjustments to the household that enhance normal home activities

Physical Therapy

Our qualified therapists help you to:

Regain strength

Resume maximum independence

Achieve maximum range of motion

Improve balance and gait

Speech Therapy

Experienced speech therapists:

Help to restore speech and communication functions in patients who have suffered from a variety of illnesses or injuries

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is home care provided?

In the patient’s residence.

Who pays for home care?

The cost of home care is often covered by Medicare and private insurance programs. To the extent funding is available, we offer a sliding scale based on ability to pay, which enables us to serve patients who are in need of help.

When is the appropriate time for home care?

Whenever the need for the skill of a nurse or therapist occurs. For example:

  • following a hospitalization or rehabilitation stay
  • at the onset of a new condition
  • when there is a change in existing condition or after surgery
  • need for wound care

Who can refer a patient to home care?

Patients may refer themselves for assistance or referrals may be made by physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, family, friends or clergy.

Are all VNA’s the same?

No. All VNA’s are not the same. VNA Northwest is an independent not-for-profit home care agency that was founded in 1928.

Do I have a choice in who provides my care?

Yes. It is important to know that should you need care you are able to choose who will give that care. It is a patient’s right to select their provider; whether it be a doctor, hospital, skilled nursing facility or home health agency. We hope that when you or a loved one needs care at home care that you will ask for VNA Northwest by name.

Medical Social Work

Compassionate medical social workers address social and emotional needs of patients on issues relating to their illness or injuries. They provide patients, families and caregivers with:

Short or long term planning

Identification of available state and local resources

Support in adjusting to a new condition or limitation due to a change in health status

Home Health Aide

Skilled home health aides provide patient services essential to independent living. Types of assistance given include:

Personal care



Meal preparation

Ambulation assistance

Safety measures

Assist patients with range of motion exercises taught by physical therapist


Telehealth is a monitoring system that allows patients and caregivers to provide daily health updates to their nurse. Using technology, a nurse will be alerted to changes in a patient’s condition and make timely interventions when necessary.

Telehealth takes less than three minutes a day, and can greatly improve the quality of care that our patients receive by eliminating unnecessary visits to the emergency room or doctor’s office.

The telemonitor, an easy to use device, is placed in the home and measures vital signs including:

Blood Pressure

Heart Rate

Oxygen Saturation Level


Every day had a certain continuity. It was comforting to have the monitor, because my blood pressure could fluctuate quite a bit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the telehealth available to me?

A registered nurse evaluates all patients. Individuals with chronic conditions or recent hospitalization may be appropriate.

How much space will I need for the equipment?

The telehealth monitor hooks up to your existing phone line. Minimum space is required.

Is there an additional charge?


How will I know how to use it?

A trained employee will install the device and instruct you and your caregiver(s) on use.

Recovering from surgery or learning to cope with a health condition can be overwhelming. VNA Northwest’s expert home care staff can help an individual regain independence.

Bath Aide

Maybe you have just come home from the hospital following surgery, are experiencing some balance problems or just need assistance bathing.

Our trained and competency-tested home health workers are prepared to assist with:


Sponge baths

Bed baths



Stand-by assistance

My bath aide provided a wonderful and caring experience in home health care for me during the past four weeks. Her assistance has been an important part of my recovery. I very much looked forward to her twice weekly visits and even my aunt noticed that I glowed after her bathing and grooming assistance…your agency provides the recovery assistance that the hospital and doctors do not always mention, but is so critical to a speedy recovery. I am now able to return to my San Francisco home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is bath aide service covered by insurance or Medicare?

No, bath aide service is a private pay service and is not covered by insurance or Medicare.

What does the bath aide service cost?

The cost of a bath aide is $25 per thirty minutes. $50 for one hour.

Intravenous Therapy

Intravenous Therapy is often a part of the home care prescribed by a physician. We can provide trained and fully qualified individuals to administer this therapy.


Many patients can achieve better health simply by improving eating habits. Knowledgeable registered dieticians will:

Educate patients on healthy eating habits to prevent and treat illness

For example:

Less salt for patients with high blood pressure

Diabetic diet or low sodium diet

Maternal Child Home Care

Our registered nurse provides instruction on proper care of both mothers and newborns. Services include:

Well baby/mom visits

Support with breast feeding/nutrition education

Home Care visits for acute pediatric care

Collaboration with other agencies to assist with maternal and child health care