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Private Duty Registry

VNA Northwest Registry

Private Duty Home Care Referral Services Specializing in Hourly, 24/7 Shifts, Live-In

Please thank all the caregivers who cared for Dad over the years… we appreciated all of your guidance and comforting help…”

What is the Private Duty Registry?

VNA Northwest Registry is a non-medical agency that refers private duty caregivers to individuals who need supplemental assistance in the home, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility or hospital setting. The caregivers we refer are local residents with homecare experience. Individuals or family caregivers can directly arrange for care which is paid for privately.

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VNA Northwest Registry is one of the only non-profit private duty agencies serving Litchfield County.

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VNA Northwest Registry can assist families seeking care and support for a loved one.

Caregivers referred by VNA Northwest Registry are freelance independent contractors.

Thank you so much for coordinating care for my mom… The nurses you referred were gracious, gentle and caring and they really put my family at ease… we knew she was in good hands and we could sleep well.

–Falls Village

Thank you for referring such great caregivers over the last few years… we’ve made some great friends. Dad enjoyed talking to them and relating stories about our farm… He had a wonderful long life and we all miss him.

– Harwinton

As detailed in the VNA Northwest Registry Service Agreement, please be aware of the following:

CT General Statutes Section 20-679a Required Disclosure

VNA Northwest Registry is a homecare referral registry that connects independent caregivers with persons who need home care. The caregiver will be working directly for you or your family and receiving your guidance and direction. VNA Northwest Registry (1) is not the employer of the caregiver, (2) will not be paying the caregiver for services, and (3) will have no responsibility for any governmental or regulatory filings in connection with the services provided. It is our understanding that most clients treat the caregiver/s providing services as independent contractors and file IRS Form 1099 to report amounts paid to them directly for services. However, depending on the relationship between you and the caregiver, you may be considered an employer under law and, if that is the case, you may be held responsible for the payment of federal and state taxes, Social Security, overtime and minimum wage, unemployment, Workers’ Compensation, insurance payments and any other applicable payment required under state or federal law. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your tax and filing recommendations for structuring this relationship to achieve the intended results for tax and regulatory purposes.


*Connecticut Department of Labor Employer Fee Paid Agency Registration # 164301

*Registered with the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, #HCA.0001671

*Connecticut Association of Home Care Registries (CAHCR)